Контроллер термопары MAX31855

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Контроллер предназначен для подключения термопары к материнской плате 3D принтера.

Контроллер является лучшим решением чтобы расширить температуру экструдера до 400 градусов.

MAX31855 совместим с материнскими платами построенными по принципу Smoothieboard 32bits controller.


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Name: MAX31855 K-type thermocouple module 1350C  SPI connector digital and readable temperature value


1.The K-type thermocouple module  is fully consistent  with the official version

2. Due to a small number of production and small difficulty on welding,

 we weld all by hand.



Introduction :

1. Range:-200C~1350C ;

2.Suitable for probe , K-type thermocouple, this module does not include

other  accessories ,  please purchase yourself .

3.SPI connector , high speed transmission

4. Input voltage : 3-5VDC

5. Temperature value outputs digitally , which does not need amplifier  as well as ACD.

6. 14 resolution, 0.25C temperature accuracy

7.Size : 20mm *23mm ;  the distance of location hole: 15mm ; diameter: 3mm



Thermocouples are very sensitive, requiring a good amplifier with a

cold-compensation reference. The MAX31855K does everything for you,

and can be easily interfaced with any microcontroller, even one

without an analog input. This breakout boardhas the chip

itself, a 3.3V regulator with 10uF bypass capacitors and level

shifting circuitry, all assembled and tested. Comes with a 2 pin

terminal block (for connecting to the thermocouple) and pin

header (to plug into any breadboard or perfboard).


New! Now uses the MAX31855K instead of the MAX6675,

so it can measure a wider temperature measurement range.


Please note! The MAX31855 is not pin compatible or drop-in code

compatible with the MAX6675. We do have an Arduino library

for both chips but you’ll need to adjust any existing MAX6675

designs for the mew MAX31855. The MAX6675 has been

discontinued by Maxim.

Version 2.0 now includes ferrite beads and filter capacitor onboard for better stability

1. Works with any K type thermocouple

2. Will not work with any other kind of thermocouple other than K type

3. -200C to+1350C output in 0.25 degree increments-note

that K thermocouples have about ±2C to ±6C accuracy .

4. Internal temperature reading.

5. 3.3 to 5v power supply and logic level compliant!

6. SPI data output requires any 3 digital I/O pins.



Cogfig Setting

temperature_control.hotend.enable            true             #

#temperature_control.hotend.thermistor_pin    0.24             #

temperature_control.hotend.chip_select_pin    0.16

temperature_control.hotend.spi_channel         0    # SPI channel 0 or 1

temperature_control.hotend.heater_pin        2.7              #

#temperature_control.hotend.thermistor        RRRF100K         #

temperature_control.hotend.sensor        max31855  

temperature_control.hotend.set_m_code        104              #

temperature_control.hotend.set_and_wait_m_code 109            #

temperature_control.hotend.designator        T                #



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