Контроллер термопары AD597

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Контроллер предназначен для подключения термопары к материнской плате 3D принтера.

Контроллер является лучшим решением чтобы расширить температуру экструдера до 400 градусов.


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 In the design of the official wiki, the board has a diode D1 (to prevent power DE), which leads to  a pressure difference between both sides of the ground.

So that the output signal Sg of thermocouple becomes  Sg +VS ,

when it reaches motherboard. This will cause wrong  temperature value.

Therefore , our version adopts zero resistance instead of the diode,

that will make temperature measurement more accurate.

ad-597Notice :

1. This board  adopts zero resistance instead of the diode to modify the

pressure difference , so it  is different from the official version .

2. Due to a small number of production and small difficulty on welding,

we weld all by hand. It is suitable  for ramps1.4 and Ultimaker, etc .

Usage on Ramp1.4:

1. Modify Configuration.h of Marlin,   modify temperature configuration :

#define TEMP_SENSOR_0 -1

//AD595and AD597 compatibility, configured  into  -1

2. modify pins.h of Marlin, find the Pin on ramps1.4,  modify

#define TEMP_0_PIN          2   into   #define TEMP_0_PIN 3;

The pin port  of  the original thermistor cannot  be used , we suggest

using  A3(D57)which easily connect  near 5Vand GND.

3. Connect thermocouple to the AD597 controlboard , don’t mix the

positive and negative direction. Then insert the signal wire to the pinboard.

4. Connect the signal wire to the Aux-1 of ramps, red to 5V, black to GND ,

green or blue to D57.



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экструдер, электроника


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